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Solutions to promote, engage, sell and manage

Automative customers


Connected vehicles, demand for in-vehicle infotainment, increasingly complex compliance and government regulations, and ever-changing customer needs have led to drastic changes in the way automotive players design products, manufacture across different geographies, market and service them, and engage with customers.

Demand for the next generation of in-vehicle technologies and digital services is increasing rapidly, and the automotive industry needs to accelerate the pace in order to meet it. Through an end-to-end approach, Accenture supports original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in deploying digital strategies, technologies and new operations.


Softence’s Automotive Group helps you address these major challenges and also supports you in your transformation journey for better profitability and increased competitiveness. We offer solutions and services across the entire automotive value chain including:

Product Development

Supply Chain Management


Marketing and Sales

After Sales

Our services help you transform your business by improving business efficiency, agility and profitability. We also help you enter new markets, reduce costs, build better products, streamline your supply chain, enable efficient manufacturing, enhance your brand image, improve sales processes and build long-lasting customer relationships and loyalty.

Supply Chain

Collaborate efficiently with business partners, develop accurate demand forecasts, reduce stock and lower inventory costs.

Product Development

Collaborative product development, and expertise in PDM/PLM solutions has cut Time-to-Market by 40 percent, for a leading manufacturer.


Our lean manufacturing tools and processes improve plant and line operations dramatically, and deliver measurable benefits in WIP, floor space, rework and other critical areas.

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