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The Real Estate industry is gradually recovering from the aftermath of the recession in 2008 caused primarily due to sub-prime lending. A rapidly recuperating economy, along with a thriving stock market, lower interest rates and an influx of foreign and domestic investment,undeniably means that the industry is moving back onto greener pastures. The volatility of the real estate industry which caused inhibitions and trepidation on the part of both, the investors and owners, is slowly being replaced by new found buoyancy. Real estate players are turning to disruptive technologies that will open up new avenues and business opportunities, and will eventually help them gain a competitive edge. Though the pace of proliferation is not the same across the board, technology adoption is not a choice anymore – the shift from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market has made it pertinent for real estate companies and sellers to adapt to the evolving digital landscape.

How your business be digital ready
Softence can help you transform your business by chalking-out a strategy to connect with the digital-savvy customer, reexamine your incumbent business models and make your brand digital ready. With our robust digital strategy, your business will be able to harness the power of customer analytics, drive enterprise-wide adoption of mobile technologies to boost productivity and be cloud-enabled to facilitate real-time communication between the workforces.

Mobile Prequalification

Leveraging mobile origination to initiate mortgage process for borrowers whenever, wherever.

Analytics for Mortgage

Optimizing the information flow and providing insights into mortgage process, customers, and metrics.

Loan origination system integration

Integrating mortgage loan origination system and other systems in use in the institution.

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