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The Retail Industry has been growing leaps and bounds in the recent years. With the increased competition and thin margins it is the efficiency and customer service are the differentiators that makes a retailer to stand apart.

In the retail industry, Softence brings industrial strength solutions to a market where only the nimblest organisations can survive. Managing IT through mergers, acquisitions and divestments is just one of the challenges Softence  has helped its clients face.

Softence helps global retailers move from today’s market into tomorrow while minimizing business risks by blending our rich domain consulting expertise and platform technology heritage to enable organizations to re-invent their business models while maximizing consumer touch.


Softence has good excellence and leadership in enabling IT services for leading retail clientele across the globe. Our services and solutions include

Point of sale

B2B portals

Vendor management

Inventory management

Order management

Warehouse management

Customer relationship management

E-Commerce application development

Retail Analytics

Analytics are a crucial element of smart all channel retailing. Our solutions cover all the aspects of retailing that demand advanced retail analytics plus big data to provide actionable insights

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions can actually transform the retail experience entirely with increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

Merchandise Solutions

Smart merchandising solutions can help retailers with better inventory management by integrating space plans with assortment and sending store specific planograms. This includes planogram automation and execution at store level.

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